Full-stack marketing software for real estate brokerage business, featuring lead generation modules, website builders, and customizable advertising tools


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KvCORE is an online based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that helps users to generate successful business leads and turning them into sales. It was designed with a focus on the real estate industry for brokerage companies. By closing the gap between business leads generation and number of closed deals for real estate brokers, the software aims to improve the operating efficiencies of these businesses.


Smart customer relationship management (CRM)

KvCORE has a smart CRM feature which synchronizes a business’ contact list with the KvCORE database for easier management. The smart CRM feature also displays a listing feature of available business leads.

Reporting analytics

Real estate brokerage firms can view both individual and group performance using the reporting analytics feature on the platform. This will make sure that the management of these firms can analyze the performance analytically and see whether the business is going as per the company goals on both an individual as well as team perspective.

Third party software integration

KvCORE integrates with other leading real estate platforms such as real estate transaction management platforms as well as diverse operating systems. The software features a downloadable mobile application on all major platforms that make integration with mobile devices smooth.

Integrated communication platforms

The platform features multiple communication channel support to aid in following up on generated leads and ensure they translate to closed deals. Communication support on the platform includes call support, email as well as text messages support.


The software provides for customizable templates for creation of customizable content. Content available for customization include customizable listings, location and preferred price ranges.

Intuitive notification

To stay atop of content generated from the platform, KvCORE features advanced notification modes that feature bells and whistles. This will help in keeping the users informed on leads generated, prospects as well as keep in touch with clients.

Internet data exchange (IDX)

Advanced IDX capabilities on KvCORE allows agents and brokerage firms using the software to display each other's listings. This not only increases the size of listings available on the platform but also opens new businesses up towards a larger clientele. Existing brokerage firms on the platform are also taken care of as the IDX feature allows them to expand their leads listings.

Social media integration

KvCORE integrates with major social media software and their marketing platforms. This feature enables users to set up marketing campaigns on the social media sites and follow up on the generated leads using KvCORE for easier management and follow up.

Customer support

User support on KvCORE is advanced as it features a poll by users on areas for improvement. Customer support is also provided through help videos, online chat and a Frequently Asked Questions segment.


  • Easy to use User Interface.
  • Available as an application on mobile application stores for mobile devices.
  • Cloud based storage makes working on the software across multiple devices possible.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Social media integration.
  • Mobile device support.


  • Limited mailing list.
  • Disparities in features between web and mobile platforms.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Communication Tools
  3. E-Signature Capabilities

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Document Management
  2. Transaction Management
  3. Opportunity Tracking
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